Barovier Dynasty – Seven Hundred Years of Murano Glass Making

It all commenced with Master Jacobellus Barovier in 1295 in Murano, a famous island of glass makers, in the Venice Bay, in Italy. Master Barovier owned a tumbler furnace that turned into designing and producing some of the most beautiful glass items ever seen, respected and highly priced throughout Europe. But, Master Barovier did more than make lovely glass. He started a dynasty of unsurpassed glass makers that followed in his steps, generation after generation. Today, greater than 700 years later, Barovier family remains sending out of its furnaces beautiful artwork pieces made from colourful glass and excellent glass rings that is nowadays a synonym for glass decorative gadgets coming from Murano in each corner of the arena.

After Master Jacobellus firmly set up his own family name as one of the fine Murano glass makers for the Royals and different rich and well-known Europeans, different circle of relatives individuals continued to convey glory to the circle of relatives. In mid 15th century, Angelo Barovier invented now famous ‘cristallo’, a Venetian crystal, first transparent glass ever seen. By including a special flux, imported from the Levant, he controlled to get rid of impurities, which made glass barely yellowish or greenish. The principal ingredient of the flux became manganese oxide, which reduced the melting point of the martin glasses silica. The decrease temperature also enabled him to have more design alternatives and possibilities. The procedure was called ‘lixiviation”.

Invention of cristallo turned into the beginning of the golden length in the Murano glass making, and it turned into specially wonderful duration for the Baroviers. Angelo’s nephew Anzoletto continued inventing new production tactics and designs, and creating a number of the maximum lovely pieces of Murano glass ever produced. Instead of thick layers of teeth that have been ordinary for the glass of the 15th century, thanks to the Baroviers, glass popping out of Murano turned into light, transparent and crystal clean, with simple lines and curving shapes.

At the stop of the 16th century, Barovier own family had three workshops and three extraordinary furnaces in Murano, each with its personal designs and characteristics. They also had three special crest adorning their glass: an angel, a bell and a celeb.

Political turmoil in Europe in 18th and nineteenth century meant an stop to many Murano glass artists, but Barovier own family controlled to live on each Austrian and French profession and to hold to create beautiful glass objects to nowadays.

Barovier glass makers are known these days as Barovier&Toso, and are considered one of the oldest and maximum respected glass manufacturers in Murano and inside the international. They are well-known for his or her hand-made art pieces, embellishes, modern light fixtures and chandeliers and custom designed mild objects for public buildings. Their most well-known and beautiful pieces are redecorating palaces and houses everywhere in the global, and many are actually part of their museum of glass in Murano.

What makes Barovier&Toso’s glass so unique is that they controlled to harmoniously combine modernity and culture following the needs of the modern-day market preserving seven hundred years of culture and inventiveness.